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I think this is the worst of all the Kemco games. The beginning scene is so long and poorly written that I finally gave up. You do know that girls play these too so stop making all the stories about girls falling all over the guys. It's pathetic. Also, Zara is a female name. It's middle eastern.


This game has so much adventure. It's the game I play when I get bored, and I have a hard time trying to stop playing. Even if I beat it, it would be a game that I would still play.

Product did not work as intended

I tried jiggling the cable and turning it off and back on again but it just keeps talking and won't stop I've watched the equivalent of an entire episode of anime in boring cutscenes and have not had any gameplay yet.

Great DQM-esque game that's free

Reminiscent of Dragon Quest Monsters with the breeding system that creates new, powerful creatures. Runs very smoothly (even on my 5S) and is legitimately free. A few tips: -Use only healers and select heal as the active skill while trying to catch monsters. -The pay items will help you level up faster but are certainly not necessary. Great game!

Too much dialogue..

My god this game is 90% dialogue, 10% monster fun. Seriously the intro is an example of bad exposition and a glimpse of the endless banter you will experience the whole game. Skip the story all of it is pure garbage of a forbidden score that nobody cares for, let's be honest were all here for the monster breeding. Which frankly is shallow at best... it's like gen 1 Pokemon red/blue but not as fun.... The best part is when you get monster cards and you summon a monster from a code where it breaks the whole game itself lol.

Hey there

Uptown Puffs is the greatest song of all time

This game is free?!

This is a marvelous game, and there's no reason not to play this cross between Alphadia and Dragon Quest Monsters. Sprites and music are beautiful, and a joy to experience. You can go the entire game without even being asked for in-app purchases. Download it now and enjoy one of the best mobile games ever. Very excited for a sequel!

Love it

No in app purchases needed but I gave kemco 5$ because I am really enjoying it.

Good game like the old days

You don't see old games like this anymore , but I still enjoy the mechanics of the game and the story.

Love this game!


The best game ever

This game so awesome and it can get more awesome if it had more monsters and better graphics


Awesome game, people complain about the long intro but u can press and hold to fast forward it with any talking involved. I beat the boss with the scar and I thought I beat the game, deleted it, and reinstalled it but didn't save. : ( Still a great game. : )

Monster taimer to a new level

Not many games get a 5 star rating from me, but this game takes it to a new level of strategy. It has a mix of dragon quest monsters in it that requires mixing monsters together in order to make new, stronger ones. The story line is great and pulls you into the game even further which keeps you coming back to the app. For a free game I don't think I could recommend anything more strongly than I recommend you play this game

Awesome Game

The Best game I've ever had.😂😂😂😂


Like the plot and everything else is awesome

10 stars for ftp rpg.

got to play it to experience the game play (:


If your looking for a game to jump into this is not it.....been skipping opening for over 20 min and still haven't actually played so I deleted

So far

It's SMT mixed w dragon quest!! I like it!

Very Unique

I had to keep coming back to this game, the story is really cool. But the gameplay has me on pins and needles. I just had to figure it out. Once you get it, it becomes something you just can't put down.

Good but...

The monster combinations shouldn't be so complex :/

Fun Game

The storyline, gaming mechanic, animation,monster are very cool. The characters are interesting in their own way.I recommend it to younger audience so,they can enjoy a fun RPG in their childhood(but not the depressing parts for the kids:'-( )

Great phone game

A very fun and addictive game. If you ever played dragon warrior monsters or Pokemon back in the day, you will definitely enjoy this one

Great game !!! :D

Never thought i would have so much fun with this game, it reminds me of PS1 games you would play.

Fun and not very expensive

Its an old school rpg where you capture monsters then breed them to create new mobs. You don't really need the AIPs but the exp double helps. Its an extra few bucks. Game is a good buy.


Cool, cool!

Extremely Entertaining

For a long time I've been looking for a game I could just play and play, well I've finally found it. Once you start you won't be able to put it down. It's a mix between adventure, comedy, romance, and action. This is the best game I have on my phone, I hope if you're reading this you get the game too.

3 words


Love it

Love this game can't put it down love the story love everything

Childhood brought to the present.

I'm not one for iPad RPG games, mainly because of the controls on the touchpad, but the game for me has me playing like I'm 10 again. It's a game type that I've never encountered before, what with the Pokemon and Final Fantasy mixtures.

Spectacular game!

This game reminds me a lot of the original Final Fantasy game, crossed with Monster combination games, like Monster Rancher. It's hard to find a good rpg game on the iPad like this. It would be great if this game was also available for the 3DS. The dialogue can be a bit lengthy, but it is worth it.

Great Game

Game plays like Pokemon mixed with a taste of Breath of Fire. Its has good length to it sometimes it can get repetitive when you want to level up monsters. Controls are good playing but in the menu there a little funky other then that nothing bad to say

Lots of fun!

I'm really enjoying this interesting rpg. It has elements of Pokemon and jRPGs. And it's funny, too. :)

Much to be desired

I tried playing, but finally gave up in frustration. Their other games are much more fun.


I've been playing this game for about 10 minutes now. I haven't actually played though. The beginning cutscene thing is so long. I'm still playing the cutscene actually! I've been taping rapidly not even reading the story and it's still taken this long. Also all the music in the background is really repetitive... So basically at this point I want to bash my head into a wall All together I'd say great experience and I'm going to go cry now

Awesome game

This game is awesome!!! It's free fun and kind of addicting


This game is very interesting game

Horrible transtation

Can not stand the dialogue in this game. It is much worse than in other Kemco games. Have no idea how the combat is because the intro dialogue went on for over 20 painful minutes. Not worth my time even when the game was free.

Great game

I love the way you can mix monsters

Awesome game!

This game is very fun and cute rpg. It's easy to follow but yet challenging. It is worth checking out


Solid rpg. Worth a buck for sure.

Well worth looking into

Will drain alot of your time, be warned... It is kinda addicting...


Hi Kemco or Kotobuki people this is Tom from P-Town. I own Twelve of your awesome games. These game are my new favorite GEMS. Well done for those awesome games. From Tom.


This game is pretty decent. One of the best of the free games thus far! I give it 4 stars

Excellent game

This is not as polished as a Dragon Quest Monsters or a Pokemon game, but I'm enjoying it as much as one of those games. Neat monster creation system. Good plot and dialogue. Fun game that I've invested a dozen hours in and plan to keep going!


This game is very unique in its way of combining different monsters in any kind of formation you want. The game is pretty easy, but it could be harder if you want to, as you can customize every monster with the skills and stats you want! Definitely a great game

Broken engrish

The intro took too long. Deleted

I need help

How do you beat the boss battle were the king turns into a monster and you have to fight him

Awesome monster RPG

I *really* like this game. It's your standard catch-and-breed monster game, but there isn't anything better for a phone game. The dialogue is lengthy at times, but that isn't a detraction for me. Definitively worth a try if you liked Pokemon or Jade Cocoon or Dragon Warrior Monsters.

Plays real smooth

This game plays real smooth. Building teams and the flow of the game is very consistent. Down side to much talking.

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